How does it save you time?

  • Reducing components results in less equipment to carry and lift into position, i.e. 1 Easy-Fit Panel + Easy-Fit Post = 1 toe-board, 2 scaffold tubes, 2 brickguards and 3 fittings.
  • Easy-Fit posts replace traditional scaffold fittings, the U-clamps and wedges, rapidly increasing fixing times, with no need to tighten fittings with a spanner, or use a spirit level. Simply position the standard in the u bracket and tap the wedge to tighten.
  • The safe-assembly method of the Easy-Fit system eradicates the requirment to ‘clip-on' to the scaffold, vastly improving mobility, efficiency and speed, whilst installing panels.
  • Lightweight components can be easily and rapidly maneuvered into position.
  • Easy-Fit Panels and Posts can be lifted mechanically onto loading towers, cutting labour time and increasing efficiency.

How does it save you money?

  • Rapid safe installation reduces labour costs and improves competitiveness, whilst offering complete peace of mind.
  • Unskilled labour can install the Easy-Fit system, while qualified scaffolders can install the scaffold structure.
  • The Easy-Fit system has fewer components, reducing the amount of equipment that can be lost, stolen or damaged.
  • The ingenious component design minimizes moving parts eliminating costly maintenance.
  • With only two components, material handling time is greatly reduced, both on site and in project preperation.
  • Easy-Fit may be used as a progressive scaffold system, minimising equipment requirements.
  • Transportation costs are greatly reduced and 'Green' status enhanced.

Does the UK patent application and UK manufacturing base matter?

Advanced Guard's Easy-Fit system has been designed to comply with class leading, British health and safety requirements. The patent (GB 2484395) means that these standards can be protected and the highest levels of quality can be assured. The patent also stops inferior products, with lower integrity, entering the market.

Our family owned manufacturing facility was established in 1887 and has been producing high quality equipment for over 125 years. Attention to detail and exacting quality control is of paramount importance to us and, you can rest assured, you will receive a high quality product and be guaranteed a smooth continuity of supply.

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