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Advanced-Guard takes on traditional tube and fitting, in a head-to-head time trial.

We went system-on-system, against two advanced scaffolding trainers using tube & fitting

and steps.  See how Easy-Fit stands up to the competition........our guys didn't lay it all out first,

didn't rush, didn't break a sweat and didn't have any assistance!


Easy-Fit's updated stanchion posts.

Watch two, trainee installers trial the redesigned Easy-Fit stanchion post on

site, under real conditions.


Easy-Fit installation with voiceover.

Advanced-Guard's Easy-Fit system is installed with voiceover explanation. 

Hear what makes this system so quick and easy to install.


Easy-Fit is installed on Kwik-Stage scaffold.

Advanced-Guard have designed the system so it can be used on both traditonal and

system scaffold.  Here it is being installed on Kwik-Stage scaffold.


Easy-Fit is dismantled on Kwik-Stage scaffold.

Easy-Fit is stripped from Kwik-Stage in record time!

The System

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See why our two-part system is so unique

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